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VM_365 Day 97. Thanet 10,000 years ago.

channel river system last glatiation to os co-ords

Today’s image is a map reconstructed by the Trust from various sources to show what our corner of Europe looked like at the end of the last Ice Age, approximately 10,000 years ago. Look carefully and you can see the outline of present day Thanet hidden among all that landmass although at that time it would just have been a hilltop overlooking the river valleys to the north and east.


There are a series of maps and articles that give more background to the construction of the map here: dons maps ice age

The most detailed reconstruction of the formation of Thanet’s landscape, including the full explanation of map above is contained in a chapter of Augustine’s First Footfall, published by the Trust.


VM_365 Day 92. Promoting Pride in a Prehistoric Presence

Images of Prehistoric Thanet
Images from Prehistoric Thanet

Today’s image for Day 91 of VM_365 is a reminder that Thanet’s past extends long into the prehistoric period. Our archaeological record has some of the most interesting and important evidence of the earliest periods of human settlement.

There is evidence from Thanet from the period of the earliest of our human ancestors, and from the first hunter gatherers who ranged over the landscape after the last Ice Age hundreds of thousands of years later.

There have been archaeological finds from all the periods recognised by prehistorians, from those Mesolithic hunters thorough the Neolithic, Beaker, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Six thousand years of our human story are represented only by archaeological finds and sites and some of the most important have been discovered on the Isle of Thanet. Prehistory is now part of the school curriculum and it should be in the mind of anyone interested in the long story of the Isle of Thanet.