VM_365 Day 258 Local Roman copy of a samian bowl form

VM 258

The image for Day 258 of the VM_365 project shows two views of a Roman bowl that was excavated in the grave that has featured in previous VM_365 posts  along withone of two copper alloy bracelets, a pottery beaker  and  bottle and evidence for the hob nailed shoes the young woman was buried with.

This bowl copies the form of a  samian bowl of Dragendorf 44 type. Samian pottery was generally manufactured on the continent in Gaul but like the bottle in the grave, the bowl was actually manufactured on the North Kent Marshes in pinkish red Hoo St Werburgh fabric. This vessel was difficult to date precisely although it must fall in the time bracket of AD.150-250/300; later than the introduction of the form in samian ware and earlier than the end of the Hoo pottery industry.

The bowl  has a chipped flange and there is knife scoring over the interior surface, suggesting that it had been used before being deposited in the grave.

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