VM_365 Day 211 Copper Alloy Bird Brooch from Ozengell

VM 211

Today’s VM_365 image for Day 211 is another picture taken from our slide archive collection showing a copper alloy brooch in the form of a stylised bird.

The brooch, with the bird facing to the left, was found in Grave 167 of the Ozengell Anglo Saxon cemetery near Lord of the Manor, Ramsgate which was excavated in 1980.

Brooches like this were worn by women, sometimes in pairs alligned vertically, one above the other,  to fasten the opening of a cloak.

Other items found deposited with the burial in the same grave included fragments of iron fittings from a box, eight beads, copper alloy wire and an iron buckle.

Examples of other artefacts found within the graves of the Ozengell cemetery have been featured in previous VM_365 posts, on Day 204 , Day 206 and Day 209.


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