VM_365 Day 199 The Birchington Bronze Hoard

VM 199

After Powell-Cotton et al 1924.

The image for Day 199 of the VM_365 project shows a Middle Bronze Age Bronze Hoard found in 1904 during brickearth extraction at Birchington.

The hoard comprised 14 palstave axes found in a globular fineware bowl of Deverel Rimbury type. Deposition within a pottery vessel is unusual and few other similar examples exist.

The vessel, which had been broken and the lower parts of which were missing, was stamped with two bands of concentric impressed rings above and below a band of scored horizontal lines. The vessel was restored in 1923.


Powell-Cotton, P. H. G. and Crawford, O. G. S. 1924. The Birchington Hoard. The Antiquaries Journal 4, 220-226.


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