VM_365 Day 106. Roman Poppy head beaker from Broadstairs

VM 106Today’s image shows another of the vessels from the Roman Kitchen at Fort House, Broadstairs.

This vessel is one of the smaller ones present in the assemblage, it measures approximately 100mm in diameter and the height without the rim is 85mm, about a tenth of the size of the vessel we showed yesterday. It is of a type known as a poppy-head beaker, so called because when whole the vessel resembles the seed head of a poppy. We don’t know if the Romans would have made the association with the shape though.

This little vessel is nearly complete although it is missing its rim. It is made of Kentish, Upchurch-type ware with a date of 130-170 AD and has a narrow incised border and the body is covered with a pattern of tiny raised dots distinctive of these types of vessels.

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