Mini-grips in use

Sorting the sherds of Roman roughcast beaker pottery
Sorting the sherds of Roman roughcast beaker pottery

As promised here is a photo of the mini-grip bags from our most recent wishlist donation in use to bag up the pieces of three fine Roman roughcast beakers found among the soil backfilling a deep a well at the Abbey Farm Roman Villa at Minster in Thanet.

These delicate sherds of thin walled pottery, coated on their outer surface with rough grits, are the remains of three fine cups which stood on a small circular pedestal.

The beakers were imported to Britain in the Roman period and are made in Argonne beaker fabric, Cologne Colour-coated whiteware and Central Gaulish Colour-coated whiteware, dating between the 2nd and 3rd century AD.

Repackaging the beakers for storage
Repackaging the beakers for storage

The roughcast beaker fragments were found among the larger and heavier fragments of thick walled jars and bowls from the same deposit.

We have picked out these finer vessel fragments from the group found in the well so they can be used for teaching and displays in the future.

Now they will be able to travel more comfortably without being crowded by their chunkier friends, thanks to the donation of these bags.

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