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VM_365 Day 69 Environmental Archaeology Workshop Day – September 6th 2014

A medley of images from our environmental archaeology workshop with IOTAS
A medley of images from our environmental archaeology workshop with IOTAS

Following a successful community archaeological excavation at Lord of the Manor Ramsgate in 2013, the Isle of Thanet Archaeological Society have been keen to learn more about the post excavation process so that they can progress with writing up and publishing their results.

The Trust has been able to help out with planning a series of workshops, sharing our professional expertise and our resources to introduce the next steps that follow beyond the field work of an archaeological dig.

Today we organised a workshop on environmental archaeology with a practical session in processing samples using our flotation tank. We took the opportunity to run through some stored samples from some interesting contexts from earlier sites which had been put into storage.

One sample processed was the contents of a 3rd century cremation vessel found at a site in Westgate where fine slivers of burnt bone were recovered from the residue, proving that at least a small amount of the cremated remains had survived the heavy disturbance that the site had suffered in later years. More will be learnt form the fine organic material that was floated from the sample, which was hung up to dry in the September sun and will be processed in a few days time.

The day proved to be both educational and sociable with the unexpected provision of cakes and snacks to supplement the flow of tea and conversation on archaeology and the environment.

Autumn garden fun

Birthday treat Full English in the Antoinette Centre Garden
Birthday treat Full English in the Antoinette Centre Garden

In a warm interlude in October we were able to celebrate a birthday in the garden at the Antoinette Centre, rustling up a respectable Full English in the garden with our little camping stove.

Spiders web covered in dew
Dewey web of Autumn

And, despite the cold weather creeping in to the estate, which left this beautiful spiders web covered in dew in the morning when we arrived for work.

Despite the onset of Autumn and Winter, the harvest of exotic fruits struggles on in the CultiCave in our garden at the Antoinette Centre, with these lovely Cayenne peppers the latest contribution to our collective table, which are bound to generate a warming effect later in the year.
Perhaps a mid-winter barbecue is suggesting itself?

Home grown Cayenne peppers
Chilli times ahead in the Autumn