VM_365 Day 5 – Amazing what arrives in the post

Teaching skeleton in cardboard package
Teaching skeleton number two in his travelling carton

We’ve just taken delivery of our second teaching skeleton at Virtual Museum, in time to create a new archaeological activity for Archaeology for You on the 12th of July.

Teaching skelton display
Talking human skeletons with our teaching skeleton

Although we already have one excellent disarticulated skeleton for osteological instruction in our Bones and Burials activity, we’ve now got one to practise digging and planning with.

Excavating and recording human burials is one of the most complicated and painstaking tasks archaeologists undertake in the field and we would like to explain how it is done.

So our new teaching skeleton will be pressed into service as the example for excavation, while our other skeleton will let us explain which bone is connected to which.

Come and give it a go at Archaeology for You.

One thought on “VM_365 Day 5 – Amazing what arrives in the post

  1. I’m enjoying the photos. How about a competition for the new skelly’s name? Archie? Dr Skelly? Mr Bones?….????? your turn………………

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