Archaeology for You – 12th July 2014

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Archaeological activities for all ages for the National Festival of Archaeology

Archaeology for You is the Trust’s annual event to celebrate the National Festival of Archaeology, which is organised each year by the Council for British Archaeology. Once again in 2014 Archaeology for You will be held in the Gardens of the Powell-Cotton Museum,  on Saturday the 12th of July from 10am to 5pm.

Teaching skelton display

If you ever wonder how archaeologists can say what they do about the past, you can find out at Archaeology for You. There are many hands on activities demonstrating the principles and methods of archaeological investigation, exploring  digging methods, site recording and the process of reading the evidence of the finds from a site, giving you the basics of archaeological investigation.

De Bello Canzio stand at A4U 2013
De Bello Canzio stand at A4U 2013

To bring to life the people of the past  re-enactors from De Bello Canzio, a group specialising in Iron Age and Roman life, will show how archaeological evidence is used to explore costumes, tools, weapons to reconstruct the way of life of the Iron Age and Roman people.

There are no age limits to learning at Archaeology for You, there’s something for everyone in each of the activities from the youngest to the oldest.

The Trust for Thanet Archaeology is an education charity, with the mission to explore and explain archaeology. At Archaeology for You we bring together our experience as professional archaeologists with our education role, to demonstrate how archaeologists explore the world around them and use the evidence they gather to create historical stories by using archaeological techniques to investigate things and places.

Teachers exploring archaeology at school will find many ideas and resources at Archaeology for You that can be used in the classroom to help children understand how archaeologists investigate the world and reveal history from things and places.


Flyer and poster

Archaeology for You Flyer
Archaeology for You Flyer

Download a Flyer or an A3 sized poster for Archaeology for You

Download the guide to archaeological activities for all ages


We would love to see you at Archaeology for You

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