VM_365 Day 129 Roman disc brooch from Villa at Minster

Roman disc brooch from Minster in Thanet
Roman disc brooch from Minster in Thanet

The small disc brooch shown here for Day 129 of the VM_365 project was recovered from the plough soil above the site of the Roman Villa at Minster in Thanet in the 1996 excavation season.

The circular brooch has ten small lugs radiating from the outer circumference and has a raised circular bead surrounding an indented central area.

The raised bead creates two fields which were probably originally filled with coloured enamel, although the decoration seems to have worn off over time in the soil conditions.

At the back of the brooch the shaft of the pin in the sprung clasp mechanism which held the brooch on has broken off , but the raised clip that retained the pin and the two lugs to hold the spring mechanism are still attached to the flat back.

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