VM_365 Day 114. Iron Age Spindle Whorl

VM 114

Today’s image is an Iron Age ceramic spindle whorl found at Ebbsfleet, near Ramsgate in 1990.

Spindle whorls such as these  were used when spinning by hand and placed on a spindle to add weight to help maintain and increase the speed of the spin needed to turn wool into yarn   Spindle whorls, along with other objects associated with cloth making such as loom weights and weaving combs are commonly found on Iron Age sites.

This spindle whorl was found on the surface of a layer interpreted as a hut floor. Other finds associated with the floor included late Iron Age pottery, bone skewers, animal bone and shell.


Perkins, D. R. J.  1992. Archaeological Evaluations at Ebbsfleet in the Isle of Thanet. Archaeologia Cantiana CX, 269-311.

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