Monthly Archives: February 2012

What have we been doing at Perry Wood?

Young Archaeologists excavating
Canterbury young archaeologists at work on the southern ditch

In the last couple of months we have been doing some more exploratory excavation and survey work on Windmill Hill at Perry Wood, near Selling.

With the help of volunteers from the local community, students from the University of Kent and Canterbury Young Archaeologists we are building on the work we did with the Perry Wood Archaeology Project between 2009 and 2010.

You can read the report for that work here

More sections have been excavated through the rectangular earthwork on the hill. This time we’re hoping for some proper dating evidence!

ditch profile viewed from the west
Ditch profile at the north east of the enclosure viewed from the west

We’re also looking for the remains of that Windmill.

We’ve got two trenches open in the windmill area but nothing conclusive yet!

We have a few more days of digging planned so hope there will be more news soon…