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History and Archaeology Day at Upton School, Broadstairs

The Trust were invited back to Upton School in Broadstairs on Wednesday 26th February for a day of archaeological activities for the school’s History day.

Teaching about the equipment of ta Roman soldier
Teaching about the equipment of a Roman soldier

Adam and Lauren of the Trust ran four sessions on the archaeology of the Roman period over the day, starting with an overview of the history of Roman settlement in Britain and an experience of the everyday life of the Roman soldier, the first of the Roman people to arrive in Kent.

Picture of a weary young Roman legionary
A weary Roman legionary

Volunteers from among the children didn’t just get a taste for the commitment to long service, but also had a sense of the gruelling routine of marching in full armour and a pack full of equipment; an experience that has been compared to carrying one of your friends around on your back with the weight of a frozen chicken on your head.

The archaeologists explained how the evidence for our understanding of Roman life is gathered from the remains that are left behind, and what a wide range of equipment to excavate, record and then report discoveries is needed.

Children finding out about archaeological equipment
Finding out about archaeological equipment

Eventually it was time for the children to Dig and Discover for themselves, excavating an artefact then carrying out their own analysis of the find using one of the Trusts specially designed recording sheets. Each of the junior archaeologists could have a first-hand experience of their Roman past from the real Roman objects that could be investigated and drawn.

Learning about Roman artefacts
Learning about Roman artefacts

It wasn’t just the Roman period that got the archaeological treatment, our Anglo-Saxon skeleton activity and costume were put to use by the teachers. Using the skeleton and replica items, they could examine how investigation of the rich culture of Anglo-Saxon burials can teach us about this important period of our history.

Drawing and recording Roman finds
Drawing and recording Roman finds

Our opportunity to introduce the children of Upton school to archaeological investigation has been a great way to use the rich resources the Trust has available and give a hands on experience of the past. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our interest with the next generation of archaeological investigators.