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Archaeology for You 2013

De Bello Canzio stand at A4U 2013

After a very successful event here are some images from the day and we have also uploaded a short video of the Archaeology of You event held on the 13th of July to our Facebook page

Archaeology for You – 2013


Our Archaeology for You event will be on from 10.00am to 4.30pm on the 13th of July this year, in the gardens of the Powell-Cotton Museum, Quex Park during the National Festival of British Archaeology

Download the flyer for Archaeology for You here

What is archaeology for you?

Archaeology for You is a day of hands-on activities and workshops exploring the methods used by archaeologists to discover, record and analyse the remains left by the people of the past. We aim to give you a taste of the skills archaeologists use to preserve the past be recording sites and examining the finds that come from them.


Try your hand at recording the evidence of the past with section drawing, planning and stratification. There will be a mini-site to demonstrate all you need to know about archaeological recording methods.


See what hidden evidence for past diets and environment are revealed by processing soil samples by washing them through with water.


Geophysical prospection methods can reveal archaeology beneath the ground without digging. Take part in a survey using ground resistance and magnetometry.

We have workshops on magnetometry and resistivity going on over the day. If you are interested in how geophys works, this is for you!


Looking closely at pottery sherds can tell us about the industries art and society of past people. Take part in processing pottery from the archaeologists finds tray to expert analysis. Learn to tell your prehistoric from your post medieval and your urns and amphorae from platters and pipkins.


Try making your own pottery using examples from the archaeological record. Create your own mosaics showing your stories from the past, present and future.Historic costumes and more…

New Iron Age and Roman reenactment group De Bello Canzio

Iron Age and Roman reenactors De Bello Canzio will be with us over the day at Archaeology for You. With authentic costumes, armour and artefacts this will a be a fascinating glimpse into the past.