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Events to celebrate 25 Years of Research and Education in the Archaeology of Thanet

Updated: 9th April

The Trust for Thanet Archaeology was founded on the 24th of April 1988. We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2013 in April with a keynote lecture on the evening of the 23rd, held at the Broadstairs Campus of Canterbury Christ Church University. A one-day conference will be held at the same venue on the following Saturday 27th of April.

Keynote Lecture – Tuesday 23/04/13

The Trust for Thanet Archaeology: 25 Years of Archaeological Research, Retrospect and Prospect

Venue: Christ Church University, Broadstairs Campus, Northwood Rd, Broadstairs, CT10 2WA, Room CG48

Ticket price for lecture only: £ 5.00

Refreshments from 7pm. Lecture begins 7.45pm

The Trust for Thanet Archaeology was formed on the 24th April 1988. Deputy Director, Ges Moody, will highlight the achievements of the Trust for Thanet Archaeology in exploring archaeology in Thanet over the last 25 years and look at what the future holds for archaeological research in the area. The talk will be illustrated by images and information from many of the important excavations carried out by the Trust.

To celebrate our 25th anniversary we invite you to join us before the lecture for a drink and light refreshments at the campus from 7.00pm

One day conference – Saturday 27/04/13

Exploring our Past – Preserving our Heritage

Venue: Christ Church University, Broadstairs Campus, Northwood Rd, Broadstairs, CT10 2WA, Room CG48

Ticket price for conference only: £ 15.00

Registration and refreshments from 9.30am, talks start at 10.00am, Conference ends 4.00pm

The Trust’s involvement in Thanet’s Heritage is about more than the archaeology beneath the ground. We are hosting a one day conference exploring the themes of the Landscape, Townscape and People-scape of the Isle of Thanet to consider the heritage all around us. Talks by a wide range of speakers will explore the remains of lost industries, unusual artefacts and hidden places, with the aim of raising interest in the promotion, preservation and future funding of Thanet’s Heritage


Thinking of making an application for Heritage Lottery Funding?

The last session of the day will highlight some successful applications for Heritage Lottery funding for community projects by the speaker David Crawford-White, Outreach and Learning Officer for Oxford Archaeology East. This will include advice on applications and handouts with examples of successful applications. This should be useful guidance for any groups or individuals thinking of making an application for Heritage Lottery funding from a very successful practitioner. Find out about the lecture, conference, speakers and subjects from the links below:

Download the programme

Download a flyer

Find out about the speakers and subjects


Get tickets

Tickets can be ordered by post with the order form at the end of the programme, or by secure PayPal payment using PayPal or credit or debit card

We offer a discounted ticket for both events for £ 17.00

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Stonehenge Skeletons

Five years ago the Trust for Thanet Archaeology assisted with a research project to explore the Beaker population of Britain by identifying isotopes in the  teeth of individuals who buried with  beaker vessels in the Early Bronze Age.

The isotopes give clues to the diet and mobility of the populations, in attempt to find out whether people using Beakers in their burials were part of the general population, or had come to Britain in a new wave of migration from the continent.

Skeletons of Stone Henge, showing on Channel 4 0n Sunday 10th of March will be exploring some of the results of the research, and the implications to the  history of our largest prehistoric monument, Stonehenge which may have been built by these Beaker using people.
The programme will include film of two Beaker period Skeletons excavated in Thanet by the Trust for Thanet Archaeology, and hopefully, some more information on their significance in the geral population.To find out more about the Beaker burials that have been found in Thanet, visit our Virtual Museum Beaker Gallery here:

Early Bronze Age Beaker Vessel
A Beaker from a burial at North Foreland, Broadstairs, Kent

If you miss the programme on Sunday, follow this link to the programme website and watch it later!

To find out more about the aims of the research follow this link to the Sheffield University research page: