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Romans, Thanet and the Wantsum Channel

The Trust’s Deputy director recently gave a presentation on the Isle of Thanet in the Roman period at the University of Kent. The presenation explored the settlement of the area in the Roman period and  the history of the Wantsum channel between Thanet and the mainland, which  was an important feature of the Roman landscape. The origin and history of the landscape of the Wantsum Channel is explored in the book, The Isle of Thanet from Prehistory to the Norman Conquest.

Front cover of The Isle of Thanet from Prehistory...
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The book has been said to offer ‘an appealing glimpse of a seldom visited part of Kent’ and is a very readable account of the long history of the area and its archaeological discoveries. The Isle of Thanet from Prehistory is available in bookshops, or order from the link on the book image.